When You Should Replace or Rekey Your Home’s Locks


Several circumstances should prompt you to either replace or rekey your home’s locks, including purchasing a new home, renting a new apartment, having old or sticking locks or losing your keys. While replacing your locks is an option, rekeying them may make more sense.

Three Times You Should Replace or Rekey Your Locks

Many people only think about needing a locksmith in an emergency. There are certain events that should prompt you to consider rekeying or replacing the locks in your home besides emergencies, however. Lock replacement should be your top concern if you have any reason to doubt the integrity of them.

Moving into a New Residence

It can be very exciting to buy a home or to move to a new apartment. When you do, one of the first things you might want to consider is replacing the home’s locks or having them rekeyed. When your locksmiths in Henderson rekey your home’s locks, they will take the locks apart, remove the pins and install new ones. This allows them to reset the locks to accommodate new keys that they can supply to you. Rekeying your locks can help to give you the peace-of-mind with knowing that the previous owners and tenants or their acquaintances will not be able to access your home using their old keys.

Old or Sticking Locks

If your locks are old or they stick, rekeying them can help by freeing up the way in which the pins move. Rekeying your locks can also help if you have a number of different locks in your home that need different keys from each other. When locks are rekeyed by our locksmiths in Henderson, all of the locks in your home will need the same key.

When You Have Lost Your Keys

It can be very annoying to lose your keys, but everyone has done it at least once. Our locksmiths can come out to your home 24 hours a day. We can make a new key off your existing lock, replace or rekey your locks. When you need to do so, replacing or rekeying your locks can help you with getting the security you need for your home.

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  1. Kyle Winters says:

    Although it might seem obvious, it is great that the article mentions moving into a new home as a reason to rekey the locks. After all, there’s no telling who has copies of the old house keys. No one want to have some random person walk into their home by accident, not knowing that their cousin had moved out months ago.

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