What to Do When Your Key Breaks in the Door

Locks and keys are sturdily designed, but they can break from time to time. When a lock breaks off inside your keyhole, a locksmith can help you get through this situation immediately.

When Your Key Breaks Inside the Door Lock

The last thing you want to deal with when you are trying to get inside your door after a busy day at work or play is a broken key in your door lock. You rely on locks and keys to secure your property while you are away, but you need them to work for you when you arrive home at the end of the day. A broken key in a lock presents you with several issues. First, you may not have a spare key laying around to use. Second, even if you do have a spare key, the broken half of your key may still be lodged deep inside the keyhole. A locksmith in Henderson may be called on to provide the assistance you need.

When Your Own Efforts Fail

Some people will try to jimmy the broken key out of the lock, but most people will fail at this effort. This is because the broken key likely has taken on a distorted shape inside the lock, and this can make it difficult or impossible to get the key out. Generally, professional help is needed in a case like this, and you can call a locksmith to your property to help you

What a Locksmith Can Do

You may wonder what a locksmith in Henderson can do to help you overcome your current situation. First, a locksmith uses specialized tools and may be able to remove the broken key from the lock. If not, however, he or she can re-key the lock or replace the lock altogether for you. You will receive a new lock as well as a new key to the lock, and the current problem of a broken key in the lock will no longer affect you.

Look for an Emergency Locksmith

Until this issue is resolved, you may not be able to get into your home. Even if you have another way to get inside the home, such as a spare key to the back door, you may not be able to use the main entryway to the home until you resolve the situation. An emergency locksmith can provide you with assistance 24-hours a day for the best overall experience.

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