Top Reasons to Re-key Your Residential Locks


Re-keying your home’s locks is a fast and easy way to improve home security, and there are a few main reasons why some people should re-key their locks soon.

Three Reasons to Re-Key Your Home’s Locks

As a homeowner, you may be focused on keeping your home safe and secure, and one of the primary ways to accomplish this goal is to lock your home’s exterior doors on a regular basis. While locking the doors is important, there are instances when the locks simply are not effective at keeping intruders out, and re-keying the locks may be necessary. These are among the top reasons why you may need to contact a Las Vegas locksmith for re-keying service.

When Someone Moves Out

A primary reason why you may want to re-key your locks with help from a locksmith in Henderson is when someone moves out. This may be a roommate, an ex or someone else. Keep in mind that even if they returned their key to you, they may have still made an extra copy of the key for some reason. It is best to err on the side of caution and to set up re-keying service after someone moves out.

When Your Keys Are Stolen or Lost

When you lose your keys or when they are stolen, re-keying may be a great idea. There may be a possibility that the person who stole your keys, or who found them if they were lost, does not know where you live. However, because the identity of this person is unknown, re-keying locks is a safe option to consider.

When You Buy a New Home

Re-keying locks is also important when you are purchasing a new home. Most sellers will give you all copies of the keys to the house, but you have no guarantees that they will not retain a copy. In addition, they may have also given a spare key to a friend, a neighbor or a relative and may have forgotten to get the key back when they sold the home.

Re-keying the locks to your home is a wise idea from time to time, but there are certain instances when this is a highly preferred option. If any of these scenarios has happened recently, consider calling a locksmith to schedule a re-keying service.

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