Three Reasons Why Your Commercial Office Building Needs Panic Buttons


Learn about the reasons why you should have a commercial locksmith install panic buttons in the areas where your employees work in a commercial office building. Panic buttons are hardwired into your building’s electricity and security system in order to alert the police to a safety or security problem.

The Benefits of Professionally Installed Panic Buttons for Your Business

While most banks and other businesses that deal with large amounts of cash have panic buttons in their employee workstations, you may wish to have a commercial locksmith in Henderson install these essential security devices at your business as well. Even if your business only deals with low to moderate amounts of cash, a panic button is another helpful way for your staff to request help without anyone on the premises knowing about it. These devices can be hardwired into your existing security system by an experienced commercial locksmith service.

Prompt Emergency Help

The greatest benefit of installing panic buttons in your employee work areas is to summon the authorities for emergency help. You may need emergency assistance in a situation such as a robbery, a called in or emailed threat or when someone is having a medical problem such as a heart attack. You may also need to use a panic button if an employee is making security threats against you and your staff.

Enhancement of Safety

A panic button allows your staff to request help without it being obvious. The commercial locksmith can make a panic button blend in with the surfaces or surroundings of a table, wall or desktop. The button can be made to look like an intercom or even a light switch. The buttons do not light up and do not have to be obvious to anyone except for your trained staff.


Professionally installed panic buttons are an affordable way to enhance your office building’s security. If you do not have security guards on the premises 24 hours per day, the panic button can be a helpful tool to your staff. Having your locksmith install a panic button as a security measure can also help to lower your property insurance costs.

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