Three Reasons Why a Small Business Needs a Controlled Entry Key System

Learn about the benefits of having a professional locksmith install a controlled entry key system for your small business.

Benefits of Controlled Entry Systems for Your Small Business

As the owner of a small business, you have to maintain a low overhead in order to stay profitable. Because of this, you might not have considered the use of a controlled entry key system for your building. A commercial locksmith in Henderson can install one of these cost-effective systems as a way to help increase your security and maintain control over who is able to enter your building.

Cost Effectiveness

Managed controlled entry systems are a cost effective way to maintain control over who is able to get into your business at any time of the day or night. You can access the controls through any computer or internet connection and make updates as you see fit. The data are stored off-site and are managed by the commercial locksmiths who handle your account. The locksmiths can also set up the key card readers and show your staff how the system works.


If your business maintains any confidential data, such as the financial or personal information of your employees or customers, then a controlled entry and key card access system helps you to uphold that confidentiality. A commercial locksmith can set up key card access to certain portions of your building so that only specific members of your team can go into the server or records rooms. Having this type of system in place makes it easy for you to expand your services to customers who require such confidentiality measures.


As the manager of a small business, your flexibility is essential to the business’ growth and success. A key card system enhances your flexibility by allowing you to create a secure environment for your employees. If someone who works for you loses his or her key card, you can have it disabled as soon as the loss is noticed. You can restrict or add access to any part of your building as you desire. The commercial locksmith can also help you with integrating the key cards and security system.

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