The Best Types of Locks to Use on an Outside Residential Basement Door

Many homes have an exterior basement door for accessing a home office or apartment. Due to their obscure locations on the home, these doors need additional security through professionally installed locks

How to Improve the Security of an Exterior Basement Door

When you have an exterior basement door for a tenant or easy access to a basement workshop or studio space, you need the extra security that professional locksmiths in Henderson can deliver. An experienced locksmith can install a heavy-duty lock that deters would-be criminals from trying to break in. Because basement doors are often hard to observe from the curb, these basement doors need the additional protection of a durable lock.

Deadbolt Locks

A locksmith can install a strong deadbolt lock onto your basement door. A deadbolt that reaches 3 or more inches into the steel and wood door frame makes it nearly impossible for a potential thief to kick in the door. Deadbolt locks are also a good primary defense against intruders. These locks work best on a solid steel door with no attached windows.

Heavy Duty Strike Plates

While your locksmith is installing the deadbolt lock, ask for a replacement of the strike plate as well. The strike plate should use screws that are at least 3 inches long. These screws should extend into the solid wood framing of your home’s walls. The thickness of the strike plate and length of the screws are important in the event that anyone would try to force their way through the door. On the interior side, the locksmith can install a special handle that releases both the barrel lock and the deadbolt, in case you need to escape your home during an emergency.

Protective Shrouds

Ask your Henderson locksmiths about the installation of a protective shroud for your basement door locks. A protective shroud works by shielding the lock mechanism even if the bolt is pried out of the door. The shroud helps to stop the door from being opened even if it is severely damaged. In the event of a break-in, a protective shroud may give you additional time to escape and call for help.

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