How an Emergency Locksmith Can Help You Secure Your Property

Arriving at your home or business to find that there has been a burglary is a scary and frustrating experience. An emergency locksmith can be on the scene within minutes to provide you with safety and security measures to help restore your sense of comfort. How a Locksmith Can Help You After a Home Burglary […]

How to Choose a Strong Theft Proof Lock for Your RV or Camper Trailer

Learn how to secure your motor home, RV or camper trailer so that you can protect it and all of the items inside of it from would-be thieves. How to Choose the Best Lock for Your Recreational Vehicle As the owner of a recreational vehicle, camper trailer or motor home, you know that safety is […]

Important Considerations when Replacing a Key Fob

Replacement and spare key fobs can cost a lot of money, but consumers can keep minimize those costs by being aware of the options of the cons and pros of each. Tips for Replacing Your Key Fob Although many consumers believe that the dealership where the vehicle is purchased is the only place to receive […]

Innovations in the Locksmith Industry

Locksmiths are branching out into more innovative security systems in order to provide customers with innovative service options. Locks that integrate electronics are becoming increasingly popular. Electronic Locks May Be the Future People looking for a locksmith in Henderson may be surprised by of all the most recent innovations in the locksmith industry. Electronic locks […]

Different Types of Door Locks to Use on a Glass Door at Your Business

The large glass entry doors of most businesses are a target for burglars and other potential criminals trying to gain access into the building. Choosing the right type of locks for your doors helps to increase the security and safety of your business. How to Improve the Security of Your Business with Locks The large […]

Protect Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Make sure your home is protected while you’re away on vacation. The property shouldn’t look abandoned. Steps to Protect Your Home While on Vacation In a report released on September 2015, the FBI gathered information through their Uniform Crime Reporting Program, and one of the highlights from the report was that there were an estimated […]

Why You Should Not Panic If Your House Key Gets Lost or Stolen

If you accidentally lose your house key and cannot find it or someone steals your bag with your keys inside, you do not need to panic. There are actions you can take in order to protect your safety and reduce your risk of theft. What to Do If Your House Keys Are Lost If you […]

The Best Types of Locks to Use on an Outside Residential Basement Door

Many homes have an exterior basement door for accessing a home office or apartment. Due to their obscure locations on the home, these doors need additional security through professionally installed locks How to Improve the Security of an Exterior Basement Door When you have an exterior basement door for a tenant or easy access to […]

How to Open a Locked Door

When you lock yourself out, it’s frustrating at best. Knowing a few alternative ways to get into your home or car can save you a lot of time and effort. How to Open Your Door Without a Key Everyone locks themselves out from time to time. Usually, you’ll need to consult with commercial locksmithing services […]

How to Know If a Smart Lock is Right for You

A smart lock is a newer device that gives you control over your locks from an app you download. You need to consider different issues when deciding whether to install one of these locks on your door. Is a Smart Lock Right for Your Home? With a smart lock on your door, you can control […]

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