How Upgrading Your Building’s Locks Can Keep You and Your Staff Safer

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Basic locks are easy for thieves and other criminals to defeat. By upgrading the locks on the doors and windows of your business, you can deter would-be criminals and provide your staff and customers with a safer and more secure environment.

Three Reasons to Upgrade the Locks at Your Business

Thieves are always devising new ways of getting into buildings and taking products, cash or other items that could be difficult for you to replace. A commercial locksmith in Henderson can install your existing locks and replace them with upgraded versions that are more resistant to tampering. There are many benefits to upgrading the locks at your business.

Integration With Your Security System

Today’s smart locks use digital technology that can be integrated with your existing commercial security system. With these locks, your monitoring service can keep track of who is in your building, when they came in and what areas of the building they have gone into. You can turn access on and off in an instant with smart locks. Your monitoring service can even keep people from exiting the building if they have accessed it without your permission.

Reduces Accidental Lockouts

If you or any of your employees is prone to losing keys, an upgraded lock system that uses digital technology may be a good solution. You will not have to worry about an unscrupulous individual finding and using your keys. You can also avoid needing to call someone else to let you into your workplace. These upgraded locks can save you time and money from having to call for help on weekends and after hours.

Lower Insurance Costs

Upgrading to better locks may allow you to have lower insurance costs. The locks function as a first line of defense in stopping unauthorized people from accessing your building. When digital lock technology is used, your building’s security system can record who is coming and going. These images can be recorded and preserved for future evidence if you discover that a crime has taken place in your business. The insurance premium savings could allow the new locks to pay for themselves within a short amount of time.

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