How to Stop Thieves from Breaking into Your Backyard Shed

Learn about the different techniques that you can use in order to keep thieves from breaking into your backyard shed and making off with your tools, equipment and supplies.

How to Stop Thieves from Breaking into Your Backyard Shed

Many homeowners have a backyard shed for storage of their lawn care equipment, gardening supplies, bicycles, outdoor kid’s toys and other bulky belongings that do not fit into the garage and do not have a place inside of the house. Many of these belongings have a high resale value and are therefore tempting to thieves. With help from experienced locksmiths in Henderson, you can take action to deter thieves from making off with your valuables.

Add Lighting

Adding lighting to your shed is a great way to deter thieves. Most burglars want to sneak in undetected, and bright lighting makes it difficult for them to go unnoticed. You can install lights that are always shining at your shed. Another option is to install motion detector lights, which are only activated if there is movement within the light’s range. A combination of these may also be a good idea.

Security Systems

If your shed holds valuables such as a large collection of power tools, hand tools or an expensive motorcycle, you may want to install a security system. Some systems are specifically designed for use on sheds. These alarms operate with the use of an infrared laser that crosses window and door frames. If the beam of light is broken, the alarm sounds. You can have the shed’s alarm tied into your home security system. The monitoring service will alert the police if your pass code is not inputted into the key pad.

Install Locks

The most important action that you can take to prevent theft from your backyard shed is to lock the shed. You can find an experienced locksmith in Henderson to install locks on your shed door and windows. The most widely used locks on backyard sheds are keyed padlocks. These are easy to operate with one hand and fit most doors. You might also consider a cylinder padlock or a deadbolt.

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