How to Open a Locked Door

When you lock yourself out, it’s frustrating at best. Knowing a few alternative ways to get into your home or car can save you a lot of time and effort.

How to Open Your Door Without a Key

Everyone locks themselves out from time to time. Usually, you’ll need to consult with commercial locksmithing services to get you into your home. However, if you know a few alternative methods of opening the door, you can try those first. Here’s how.

Use a bump key.

A bump key is a device that makes it easy to get into almost any door. However, take note; if used in the wrong way, a bump key can damage the lock. Don’t use it without good reason. Bump keys are affordable and completely legal, and they are great to have if you need to get into your house quickly for any reason.

Use a hex wrench.

This method won’t work on older doors, but homes that have been built in the last few decades usually have a doorknob with a small hole in the center. This is put in place to allow people to access their home in the event they locked themselves out accidentally. You’ll need a hex wrench. First, fit the long end of the wrench into the door handle, and then use the l-shaped bend to open the door. It shouldn’t take much effort to get inside.

Use a credit card.

If you have a laminated card (like a gift card), you can use it to get inside your door. Fit the card into the side of the door between the frame and the lock at a slight downward angle. Push it as far down as you can, and then pull it towards you while turning the handle. This will cause the card to push the bolt out of the catch hole and allow you access into your home.

Remember, these methods should only be used for trying to get into your own home. If none of these methods work for you, you might want to call a residential or commercial locksmith in Henderson.

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