How to Choose a Strong Theft Proof Lock for Your RV or Camper Trailer


Learn how to secure your motor home, RV or camper trailer so that you can protect it and all of the items inside of it from would-be thieves.

How to Choose the Best Lock for Your Recreational Vehicle

As the owner of a recreational vehicle, camper trailer or motor home, you know that safety is important not only for yourself but also for your vehicle. This is especially true if you are the owner of a dealership for these valuable vehicles. With help from an experienced commercial locksmith in Henderson, you can have vandal-proof locks installed to stop would-be thieves and vandals from damaging your property.


Padlocks are the simplest type of lock that can be attached to a travel trailer or camper trailer. These locks are affordable and may help to keep the camper from being stolen off the truck. However, this is also the easiest type of lock for thieves to get around. A simple pair of bolt cutters is the only tool needed to remove this lock. If you do choose this lock for your RVs at your dealership, be sure to close the couplers to enhance the locks’ effectiveness.

Hitch Locks

Hitch locks are uncomplicated to install in your recreational vehicles, and they enhance the security of your camper trailers by making it more difficult for the thieves to quickly remove. A hitch lock tops the hitch from going over any ball. For the best results, have your locksmiths install hitch locks that completely cover the ball of the hitch.

Multipurpose Locks

If you have a fifth wheel recreational vehicle or a motor home, it can be challenging to find a secure lock to protect your property. Your commercial locksmith can install a multipurpose lock that fits over the vehicle’s wheels. This type of a lock fits through all of the wheels on one side of your camper trailer so that the wheels will not turn. If the wheels cannot turn, the vehicle cannot be stolen.

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