How to Avoid Locking Your Keys in Your Car

Almost everyone has locked their keys in their car at some point or another, only to feel the despair the moment they realize what they’ve done. Following these steps will make it far less likely that it will happen again.

3 Ways to Never Lock Your Keys in Your Car

You’re in a hurry. You park, hit the ‘lock’ button on the driver’s side door out of habit, and leap out of the car. The moment the door closes, you turn around and see your keys on the driver seat. It’s happened to everyone at some point or another, and in most cases, the only solution is to call a locksmith.

Rather than face that embarrassing situation again, here are a few steps to follow that will help you remember to take your keys with you.

Lock Your Doors from the Outside

If you get into the habit of locking your car doors when you’ve already exited the vehicle, you’re less likely to set your keys on the seat and forget they’re in the car. Habits take repeating 6-7 times before they sink in, so make a conscious decision to practice this until it becomes second nature.

Keep a Spare Key in Your Wallet

A spare key can make all the difference in the world. If you lock your keys in the car, but have a spare in the wallet, then you’ve nothing to worry about. Getting a spare key made takes minutes, and only costs a few dollars. You should also consider giving spares to friends who could come let you into your vehicle in case you can’t get in.

Attach Your Keys to a Cord

Wearing keys on a lanyard around your neck or your belt is a great way to keep them on your mind. The lanyard is brightly colored, so you aren’t likely to overlook it. In addition, it feels like a piece of clothing — you wouldn’t get out of the car without clothes on, would you?

Start Practicing These Habits

Next time you lock your keys in your car, call locksmiths in Henderson. They’ll get you into your vehicle. Instead of getting stuck outside of your car, you could start practicing these habits to avoid calling a professional locksmith!

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