How Locksmiths Help to Reduce Unforced Break-ins and Burglaries

Unforced entries are the cause of up to 30 percent of burglaries in businesses. Professional locksmiths can help to increase a commercial building’s safety and protection against this type of crime.

Three Ways Locksmiths Help to Prevent Unforced Break-ins at Businesses

One act of burglary is too many, as such a crime could result in loses so significant that a business must shutter its doors. Instead of just locking the doors and hoping for the best, business owners can use a commercial locksmith in Henderson to help ensure that the property is as secure as possible.

Duplication Protection

Duplication protection helps your business from burglaries and break-ins performed by people who were never intended to have a key. This means that employees cannot have an extra copy of their access keys made so that they could use it after hours or at another time when the premises is not being monitored.

Attack Resistant Locks

Many thieves try to get into a business by picking or jamming the locks until the pins move out of the way and the door can be opened. Another way that thieves try to get in is with the use of a bump key, which mimics a correct key but is used to methodically pump the lock’s pins out of position. Commercial locksmiths install keys with precise pins that have a minimal tolerance, thereby making a bump key or pick useless.

Specialized Lock Installation Techniques

In addition to using high quality keys and locks, locksmiths can also alter the way that the lock is installed into the structure. One of a lock’s seven pins can be installed at a different depth than the others. A bump or pick would therefore not be able to reach one of the seven pins, so the lock would not open. Locksmiths can also change the tension of the springs in the pins so that only the motions of the correct key can release the pins and free the lock so that the door can be opened.

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