Common Reasons for Changing Locks

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Changing your locks should be regularly on your household chores list. Make sure to check it off your list if any of these things happen.

When to Change Your Locks

Often, people remember to change the locks on their homes and businesses after significant life events, but they’re likely to overlook some of the routine occurrences that should trigger a lock change. Locksmiths in Henderson recommend changing locks as a regular part of household maintenance, especially if you’ve given out your keys recently.

Contractors, House Sitters and Guests

People hand their keys to friends and strangers for all sorts of reasons. Home improvement contractors come and go, house sitters stop by when you’re on vacation to take care of your pets, or family members are in town for an extended period of time and it’s convenient to let them borrow a key. While you may want to think the best about the people around you, it’s impossible to know who else may have had access to your key while it was in their care. Under these circumstances, it’s wise to have your locks changed when the project is complete, you return from vacation or your family members depart. This is especially true if you don’t get your keys back, but you shouldn’t overlook the chance that a duplicate might have been made.

Old, Poorly Functioning Locks

After years of use, locks can begin to stick or otherwise become difficult to use. When they do, they’re more vulnerable to being opened without a key, and you may find yourself locked out of your home when your key no longer works. At the first sign that locks have outlived their life spans, you can contact a locksmith with excellent reviews to change them, both for convenience and peace of mind.

Other Lock Change Situations

Losing your keys and moving are also reasons to change your locks. In fact, any time someone you don’t know or trust may have access to the keys to your home is a good time to change your locks. Additionally, it’s worth changing them every few years as security technology improves to keep up with security standards.

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